Accommodations • Restaurants


Accommodations • Hotels

Hotel Mykonos
Modern accommodations – recently opened

La Hacienda
Interamericana – western end of town

Hotel Vista Lago Ecoresort
6 miles east of town off Interamericana by a lake


Galeria Restaurant
Inside Hotel Galeria across from Shell station

Mar del Sur – Peruvian Seafood
next to Shell gas station across from Galeria shopping center

Restaurante Tropicalismo – Cuban Cuisine
Avenida Central

Pizza Happy – American Style Pizza 
Galeria Shopping Center near KFC Fast Food

Cheesecake Bakery – Great Pastries
Avenida Central


Accommodations • Hotels • Food

TEBARIO [5km north off]

Restaurante Kristel
scenic view of ocean and surroundings, nice breeze, inexpensive Panamanian food


Asela Mariscos Restaurant
tasty inexpensive food served outdoors, popular with expats & locals alike
before entering town watch out for gas station, the small restaurant is next on the left side of the road going south.
Closed Tuesdays!

La Fondita • Pizza & Italian Food
nice outdoor settings, excellent food, run by friendly Italian couple. Go west at Catival store, road to Playa Reina. One block from main road on right side.


Playa Reina Hotel & Restaurant
Newly remodelled in scenic location above the beach. Sophisticated restaurant with great chef. 

scenic small fishing village with growing international community. Take dirt road west 8km south of Mariato.

Water Baby Dive Center • Dive Tours to Cebaco and Coiba islands


Hotel Heliconia Bed & Breakfast • Ecolodge • Cerro Hoya & Coiba Island Tours 
10 km south of Mariato – run by dutch biologist couple • 3 course meals for guests


The Monkey Shack Homemade Pizzas
Great home made Pizza, made in wood fired outdoor oven
run by expats from Colorado – open Thursday-Sunday evenings

The Shaka Bar
Torio goes metropolitan – nice setting, world class bartender – try their Mojito 
great Burgers and more dishes to come
meet local expats, listen to music 
open Thursdays to Mondays

Cabañas Torio and Restaurant
Rustic cabañas – restaurant & bar in garden setting

3 studio apartments with balconies + several rooms

Palati Fini Italian Restaurant downstairs

La Pepita de Torio Inn

DUARTE, south of Torio

Camino del Sol Ecolodge
Modern stylish ecolodge built with steel, glass & tropical hardwood – overlooking the ocean 4 rooms & 2 bungalows, French owner 

El Sol Mediterranean Food and B&B
Meals by reservation only [talk to Micheal – next to Pt. Duarte community entrance]

Currently there are no visitors facilities further south, between Morrillo, Arenas and Flores where the paved road ends. A few tiny stores and restaurants catering to locals can be found along the road. The gas station in Arenas burned down. There is a gas station in Mariato, but it is often closed and fuel costs considerably more than elsewhere. Fill up your vehicle at the Terpel station in Atalaya, just to be safe!